Sunshine Misiu


Sunshine Misiu Ltd is a UK company founded by Kenneth Kufluk in 2010. The company provides both consultancy and development services for technical web applications and sites. Please contact the company if you are interested in retaining his services, or have a site you'd like to see developed.


Please contact Kenneth Kufluk on:


Over ten years experience in London's Digital Web Agencies. Projects listed here are simply the most recent or interesting.

McLaren F1

The key challenge: to deliver real-time race stats to the fanbase without using Flash (to support mobile users). The site has been a huge success for McLaren, easily handling their traffic, with enough spare to handle any unexpected peaks.

Winner of the Gold award for Corporate Website at One Show Interactive

Read my blog about the construction:

DOTS - The Camden Music Shop

Twenty thousand books sold online through Satchmo, running Satchmo on Django with a Postgres DB. In the shop, a custom-made POS system on the website allows the owner to scan barcodes, print receipts and manage stock.


The best way to test new web technologies like HTML5 is to get your hands dirty with some code. Here is a showcase of some examples.


Written as a Chrome Experiment, to show off the features of Google's Chrome browser, written in pure JavaScript.


An ongoing experiment, powering the presentation of this site.